You don’t know what you don’t know. You go away from your life, the center of your knowledge, to learn. To those margins. Those margins are fat. Fat with info, with history, and — in a mixed-up way — neglect.

I mean that to say that much of the things we know in life don’t totally show their stories, their DNA. You don’t know those stories, because their origins have been trimmed away. We center our lives around familiar things. We forget that those familiar things come from odd, undusted corners.

My mission — through blogging, writing, and researching — is to uncover those marginal stories. I view my work like dissecting a wheel’s axle and spokes: the center joins to every part of the rim, but its connections to the outside stabilize the whole operation.

My name is Lucas, and I’m an undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh. I have a lovely fiancee, who always entertains my rants on playing cards and poetry. All three of my cats often adore my posts.